California Bay Area - Clean Cars for All Program

California Bay Area - Clean Cars for All Program logo
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is administering a Clean Cars for All program that provides grants for income-qualified Bay Area residents to retire their older car and replace it with a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or battery electric vehicle, or to get a Clipper Card for public transit.

The program is supported by the California Climate Investments program, a statewide initiative that addresses climate change by reducing greenhouse gases and improving air quality.
  • Income-qualified offer
  • GRID Alternatives is the only partner authorized to provide assistance for Clean Cars for All
  • Visit program website for details
  • Restrictions apply, subject to change without notice

Incentive Information

• Cash grant of $5,500 or more toward the price of a new or used BEV or PHEV.
• Or, choose to receive a Clipper Card, valued at up to $7,500, for public transit.
• You can also receive up to $2,000 toward a home EV charger.